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Locator Square = IO92XH     WAB Square =TL 37

Hello & welcome to my pages from Needingworth in Cambridgeshire on the edge of the Fens where Ten metres FM communication has been actively supported for over twenty three years, Both mobile and base and so far nobody even  noticed !!! 

Well that's what Amateur radio seems to be, harmless interesting, good fun, that can be followed when the mood takes you or the weather isn't all that good to do anything else.  

Ten metres as its known to most Hams is between 28 to 29.7 megs at the top end of  the HF radio Spectrum. This is where most of my amateur radio operation is carried out mainly at the top end of the band from 29.300 to 29.700 megs using frequency modulation as the mode of transmitting signals to the world .Via sporadic 'E'  or 'F' propagation.

My profession has, and still  is  Plumbing &Heating  for over 40 years, having started my apprenticeship at the age of fifteen years, As my Grandfather / Father / Uncle & Brother were all  plumbers I had no choice what profession I would follow.............................  Over the years I have risen to the dizzy height's of maintenance Officer for Local Government in Huntingdonshire Leisure. So if you happen to be a plumber, wherever you are give me a call as I am sure we have lot to talk about. Is there a plumbers net out there ?      

Other Hobbies include, Hi Fi any music as long as its loud, Gardening i.e. sitting in it when its nice !, diy, Computing. 

Why Ham Radio to me Radio has always been part of my life as my Father was in the Royal Signals during the second World War serving in India and at Arnhem. He told us all many stories of this time during my childhood, but he would always keep going on about the radios and the morse code....So as time goes by ....well here I am................   

*  28,070 PSK31 *    28.500 USB Calling freq     29.000 am calling freq     29.600 fm calling freq 

Ten fm repeater GB3CJ Northampton 29.540 /29.640 ctcss C(77.0Hz) locator IO92NF    site :- mounts fire station

Great Britain call signs prefixes 

G = England    GM = Scotland     GW = Wales      GI = Northern Ireland    GD = Isle of Man     GU = Guernsey    GJ = Jersey

GB3+2 Letters =Repeaters     GB3+3 Letters = Special events

 Systems currently in use include:-

Yaesu FT 920  : Three element triband beam @ 10 mtrs a.g.l  :   5/8 over 5/8 vertical on six metres

 also Double size G5RV for lower end HF

Yaesu FT 290  2 Metre multimode + mm amp 100 watts  to 9 element cross yagi @12mtrs  

Icom IC-2725 Dualband FM .. Diamond X50 ant


P.C Pro-It  2.8  Gig  super wizzy  Pentium IV       


This location is not the best place in the world for radio communications being only ten metres or so above sea level. However take off in most directions is good being  surrounded by mainly flat terrain on the edge of the Fens.

A special vote of thanks go to my Daughter Sara &  John  LA0EM  f or all the help and encouragement to produce this site....                             



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